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TKO Software: Business Systems Software

A great business system is supported by great tools – particularly software.  We use one of the best programmes on the market.

The business system software is called TKO which stands for "Turn-Key-Operation".

As the name implies, the software is a tool to help business owners and organisations create and maintain a systems orientated business - "a turn key business". It is a modelling tool where business owner and managers can create their ideal business environment and then create the documents and information that help transform their operation into that ideal.

Watch Flash Demonstrations or download a sample process and procedure manual here.

TKO Primary Features

You can
  • Identify Key Areas that are crucial to the success of your business
  • Identify Roles needed to support these key areas
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators and Standards and assign them to the appropriate business unit and role.
  • Write Job descriptions and tasks lists for each role.
  • Perform appraisals on each staff member and the business as a whole.
  • Create a Policy and Procedure Manual that can incorporate Flow charts to visually convey information and improve processes and then publish these systems through their business via printed copy or web page.

TKO Benefits

  • TKO assists to create a systems dependant business where the owner, manager and staff know "how we do it here".
  • TKO gives clarity to owners and staff as to their roles and responsibilities improving accountability for both parties
  • The TKO interactive operations manual will make staff training easy and relevant
  • Staff retention will improve due to staff operating in a controlled systems dependant environment giving them greater security and confidence in the business
  • Attracting quality employees is easier if there is evidence of a systematic approach to business
  • Management of business risks is documented and controlled therefore reducing those risks
  • Management techniques of measurement are improved and more relevant to the goals of the business
  • TKO enhances the ability to analyse and track continuous improvement strategies
  • TKO will increase the value of your business to a buyer, franchisee or investor in that all systems are documented and controlled in a manner that doesn't rely on any 'key' people
  • TKO will ultimately enhance the lifestyle for the business owner

All these feature and benefits are available in one, cost effective, business software tool.

See a demonstration of the TKO software in action, or download a sample pdf manual here
“Because your managers don't simply manage people; your managers manage the System by which your business achieves its objectives; The System produces the results; your people manage the system”

Michael Gerber – The E-Myth

“Attracting quality employees and training them is easier if there is evidence of a systematic approach to business"

Tony Fanfulla

"The true product of a business is the business itself"

Michael Gerber – The E-Myth

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